BlogBook Magazine Cover Contest Terms


These Official Rules are in addition to the Conditions of Use to which you agree by using the website or mobile application thereof. To the extent the Conditions of Use are inconsistent with these Official Rules, these Official Rules will prevail with respect to this campaign only.

Clemonte BlogBook Magazine Cover Contest has been organized by during the period from August 22, 2016 to September 22, 2016 (“BlogBook Magazine Cover Contest”).


1 Blogger gets the opportunity to be featured on the Cover of the First BlogBook Magazine

  • 1 Blogger is selected to feature on the Cover of our First BlogBook Magazine to be unveiled on 15th October, 2016 in New Delhi, India.
  • Winner will get a chance to feature in a Special Video on Clemonte Fashion Youtube Channel.

20 Blogger get the opportunity to get their Blogs published in the First BlogBook Magazine

  • Top 20 Blog articles to be selected from all the Blog posts from the contest start date to the Contest end date. These 20 Blog articles get published in the First BlogBook Magazine.


  • Minimum Image Requirements :
    • Format : JPG or PNG,
    • Size : 1920 x 2880px or more,
    • Resolution : 300dpi or more
  • Minimum Blog Post Requirements :
    • Each Blog post should be atleast 500 characters long.
    • Each Blog post should have atleast 1 photograph. (Own photos preferred)(Copyrighted photos from Internet not allowed).
    • Each Blog Post should have different theme or subject. Repetitions or continuation of the same Blog post not allowed.


  • BlogBook Cover Photo winner will be selected based on the following criteria :
    • Quality of the Cover Photo sent by the Blogger participant. (So Please spend some time, plan out some unique theme or composition)
    • Number and quality of BlogBook posts made by the Blogger participant.
    • 1 Photo will be selected by a Panel consisting of Top Managament, Fashion Designers, International Bloggers.
  • 50 BlogBook Blog Post winners will be selected based on the following criteria :
    • Theme and quality of each Blog post.
    • Images and Photos attached in the Blog post.
    • Effort put in by the participant in each post.
    • 50 Blog posts will be selected by a Panel consisting of Top Managament, Fashion Designers, International Bloggers.


Clemonte BlogBook Magazine Cover Contest winners will be notified via email, call and SMS

Watch winners will be announced on Clemonte Fashion & Apparel’s official website.

E-mail address/contact details however will not be disclosed.

The winner(s) however will be notified via both email & phone.

Failure of acknowledgment or acceptance of these terms of conditions of the contest would automatically result in the winner(s) forfeiting of the right to claim the prize(s). However proper opportunity of being heard will be given to the winner. shall not be responsible for notifying the winner if the e-mail address/phone number while filling the form are incorrect. Please check before submitting. Incase you filled it wrong, don’t worry you can fill the form multiple times, however the same is suggested to be done only rare cases.

Choosing and declaring a winner is Clemonte Fashion & Apparel’s sole discretion. The decision of the Contest Panel will be final and irrevocable.


Disqualification of any participant shall be at the sole discretion of

Directors, management, employees and relatives of employees of the sponsor or of and any entities affiliated or related to the sponsor or shall not be eligible to enter the campaign.

For the purposes herein, the term "relative" shall mean spouse, parent, child or sibling.


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